Dovetail Recruiting is a recruiting services company.
We specialize in executive search and talent placement in the woodworking trade.
We know the industry because we come from the industry.
Like you, it’s in our blood.

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As former shop owners, we understand the financial burden and operational pain associated with a key vacancy in your team. We also understand the dynamic talent set required to succeed in today’s modern wood shop. Whether it’s a mid-level position in the production department or a management role in your front office, we offer three forms of recruiting and talent placement to meet your budget and needs:

• Contingent
• Retained
• Contained



Not in immediate need but understand the importance of being proactive with your hiring? We’ll work on a monthly retainer fee to build a network of highly qualified individuals in your marketplace and specific to your expected needs. Then, when you do have a position to fill, we’ll go through our normal process of marketing and screening, but in a network already built around your company’s needs. With a retainage-based agreement in place, the placement fee for each role is substantially reduced.



We’ve spent a lot of time building stuff, but even more time thinking about how and why a woodworking business is successful. More importantly, in that time, we’ve built relationships with industry experts that love helping companies, large and small, get better. Whether it’s on site or off, one day or multi-day, we can tailor a consultation to your needs. From specific process issues to high-level business analysis, we’ve got your back.


“Seth’s professionalism and experience make him indispensable to our recruiting efforts. His broad range of knowledge across all levels of the architectural millwork industry is evident in the quality of candidates he has placed with my organization.”

– Unique Woodworking/William Ohs, Denver, CO

“In today’s market we have found attracting and retaining talent is painfully difficult.  Relying on internet search services, friends, family and employee referrals is no longer good enough.  We’ve found that partnering with Seth at Dovetail Recruiting eases this burden and allows us to focus on running our business. Dovetail does all the tedious, heavy lifting.  We recently had multiple key unexpected openings at the same time, and we would have been lost without Dovetail Recruiting. They came through for us and made the process manageable and most importantly, profitable.”

– Inter Ocean Cabinet Company, Chicago, IL